masskrugstemmen competition at Bierhaus NYC
every thursday at 7PM from may through august!


“Masskrug” translates to one-liter stein of beer and “stemmen” translates to lift. Masskrugstemmen is a Bavarian feat of strength where contestants hold a one-liter beer stein with one arm, out in front of them and parallel to the floor, for as long as they can. This isn’t your typical drinking game. 





Bierhaus NYC holds their very own Masskrugstemmen competition every Thursday at 7PM throughout the Summer. Two bier stein holding competitions are held, one for the men and one for the ladies. The winners from each week will receive a Masskrugstemmen medal and will be invited back on August 23rd to compete against all of the weekly winners. The two Bierhaus NYC champions will win a trip to Las Vegas to visit the Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus. They will be invited to compete at the National Masskrugstemmen Competition in Central Park during the Oktoberfest Celebration on September 15, 2018.





The Male & Female National Champion will win a FREE trip for two to Germany!
Bierhaus NYC is the home of the 2015 National Champion, Jim Banko!

So how exactly does this competition work? Well, there are a few rules that must be followed in order to keep your self in the game.

1. A one-liter stein of Hofbräu bier (weighing about five pounds) must be held using one arm, completely stretched out and parallel to the ground. Elbow must be locked, no bending!
2. The stein must be held by the handle.
3. Thumb cannot be on top of the handle.
4.The opposite arm must be straight down by your side, not supporting the body in any way.
5. There is no switching of hands.
6. Any spilling of beer is an automatic disqualification. 


Complimentary liter of bier on us for participating!
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