Oktoberfest Events 2017!


NYC's Oktoberfest Headquarters

Bierhaus NYC, a Bavarian-style restaurant and bar conveniently located three blocks from Grand Central Station, will be featuring wacky contests, big giveaways, celebrity appearances, authentic German cuisine, world famous Hofbräu bier, family fun events, and live music in the evenings Mondays through Saturday.

Bierhaus NYC is the only German bar in NYC to be directly affiliated with the famous Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany. Known as NYC's Oktoberfest Headquarters, Bierhaus NYC holds the most Oktoberfest themed events throughout the season. 

See our Okotberfest event schedule below and be sure to scroll to the bottom to see our awesome weekly events!
More events may be added, so stay tuned!





Every Monday Oct 2-Oct 23  - Monday Night Football
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Watch the game with your favorite Jets or Giants players. Players will be at the haus to watch the first half of the game (8-930pm), sign autographs and take photos with fans. The first player appearance is NY Jet Demario Davis on Oct 2nd. More players to be announced!


Every Sunday Sept 17-Oct 15 - Kidtoberfest
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Celebrate Oktoberfest with the whole family! Games, coloring, face painting, cookie decoration and live music are all scheduled for Bierhaus NYC’s Kidtoberest. Enjoy brunch with the family and make sure to bring the little ones, kids under ten eat FREE! Adults may indulge in our giant Mimosa Towers or our Unlimited Do-It-Yourself Bloody Mary Bar. Festivities take place from 1 to 3pm every Sunday 9/17-10/15, with the exception of 10/1 which will be from 12-2pm.



Saturday 9/16 - Steuben Parade Day
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Live music all day long during & after the German Steuben Parade! Between 8 & 9PM enjoy a complimentary German Pig Roast tasting, known as Spanferkel, and a traditional Keg Tapping with a free round of bier for everyone at the haus. 


Monday 9/18 - Okto-burlesque
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Our Monday night Jazzhaus with a special Oktoberfest theme! Live Burlesque and jazz band starting at 7PM.



Friday 9/22 - Pretzel Party
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You can't celebrate Oktoberfest with out the pretzels! Enjoy Pretzel specials including a pretzel dip bar featuring a nutella & chocolate liqueur dip, our haus favorite bier cheese dip, obatzda (bier cheese), and our sweet or spicy mustards. Specials will be available all day, but join us for big giveaways and prizes from 7-9PM! (Sponsored by Prop & Peller)


Friday 9/29 - Spanferkel (Pig Roast)

Join us for a complimentary German Pig Roast Tasting, known as Spanferkel. Be sure the be at the haus around 8PM for a taste!


Saturday 9/30 - Traditional Keg Tapping
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Bring out the barrels of bier! Everyone at the haus can enjoy a FREE ROUND OF BIER during our keg tapping happening around 8PM.


Friday 10/6 - German American Day
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Enjoy both Traditional Keg Tapping with a FREE round of bier for everyone at the haus & a complimentary pig roast tasting, known as Spanferkel, all happening between 7-8PM.


Saturday 10/7 - Jäger Night - FREE Shotskis
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Buy an official Bierhaus NYC Oktoberfest T-Shirt and get a free Jäger shotski from 8-9 PM!


Sunday 10/8 -  Traditional Oktoberfest Feast
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Join us for a special Pre-Fixe Oktoberfest Dinner & Bier Tasting. Enjoy an authentic German three course meal and your own flight of five of Hofbräu Biers for just $49 per person!


Saturday 10/14 - Biggest Bier Belly Contest
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Rather drink a 6 pack than have 6 back abs? Show off that firm, round bier belly and the crowd will vote on the best gut! Contest begins at 9PM, $100 prize!


Saturday 10/21 - National Bratwurst Eating Contest
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Pros and amateurs welcome to compete at our National Bratwurst Eating Contest at 6PM! Will competitive eater Molly Schuyler's record of 50 brats in 8 mins be beaten this year?
HUGE Cash Prizes! 1st Place - $750, 2nd - $500, 3rd - $250



The History of Pretzels

Did you know that the average American consumes 1.5 pounds of pretzels each year? We wouldn't be surprised if that number was higher for our customers! The pretzels at Bierhaus NYC are a must have when visiting our restaurant. You could not get a Bavarian Pretzel more authentic than the ones at our haus because they are imported straight from Germany! If you know anything about New York City pizza, it's said that the pizza is so great due to New York 's fantastic water filtration system, which is used to make the dough. Well, similar to New York pizza, Bavarian pretzels have a unique taste of their own from the water used to make the dough in Bavaria. 

So how did pretzels become such a popular snack enjoyed all around the world? A popular tale on the first known pretzels dates back all the way to A.D. 610. An Italian Monk baked strips of dough and folded them into a shape that resembled a child crossing their arms in a prayer. He used these treats as “pretiolas” or “little rewards” for children who memorized their prayers. However, since there is no documented evidence from the era to confirm this story, no one really knows if this is how the popular treat got its shape. The first recorded appearance of pretzels were in a crest on a bakers’ guild in 1111, and later in 1185 an illustration of pretzels appeared in a manuscript in Germany.

By the 17th century, the interlocking loops of the pretzel became a symbol of love and prosperity. In Germany, children wore pretzel necklaces on New Year’s to promote good luck and prosperity for the next year. In Austria, pretzels were hung on Christmas trees and parents hid little pretzels on Easter as an early version of an Easter egg hunt. In Switzerland, the shape of the pretzel was used as a marriage knot and couples would pull on each side of the pretzel on their wedding day.

Pretzels had a huge impact in Europe, but how did they make their way to America? German immigrants brought pretzels with them when they settled in Pennsylvania and several pretzel bakeries started to pop up all over the state. Pennsylvania continues to be the pretzel-making capital of America, with 80% of American pretzels being made there today. It was Pennsylvania Governor Rendell who declared April 26th as National Pretzel day back in 2003. 

Now that you know where these delicious baked goods all started, stop by and try our famous Bavarian pretzels!

Our Favorite New Emoji is Coming Soon!

The Bierhaus NYC blog isn't typically a source for technology news, but we are just so excited we had to share! Emojipedia has posted 69 new emoji that are expected to be released by Apple in June this year. There are some great new emoji on the list, but there is one specifically that we have been wishing for since the invention of emoji. Take at look at the list below and see if you can guess what we are so happy to see!


Finally, a pretzel emoji!

Now all we need is a Bavarian flag emoji and we will be set! 


Bierhaus NYC's Glühwein

Glühwein is a popular German drink that is enjoyed during the cold winter months. The hot mulled wine, infused with citrus and spices, is sure to warm you up on the inside and out! We are going to let you in on our (not so) secret recipe, so you can make your very own glühwein. Glühwein recipes vary, so you are welcome to take our recipe and tweak it to your liking! We made a party sized serving, using two bottles of wine. For a smaller or larger serving, just adjust the recipe using the same ratio of ingredients.






2 bottles of dry red wine. (We used a Cabernet.)
1 cup of white rum
1 orange
1 cup sugar
1 cup orange juice
¼ cup of All Spice
¼ cup of Cardamom
8 Pieces of Star Anise
8 Cinnamon Sticks

1. Grate one orange and place the peel into one cup of rum. Make sure not to use the pith, the white layer beneath the peel, which has a bitter taste. Let the peel soak in the rum for 30 minutes.

2. While your orange peel is soaking in the rum, use this time to crush the cardamom. Crushing the spice first will help to release all of it’s flavor.

3. Add the all spice, cardamom, star anise, and cinnamon sticks to a pot and toast them for about three minutes. Be sure to watch the spices carefully, for it is very easy to accidentally burn them. Toasting the spices first intensifies the flavor profiles.

4. Pour the cup of rum with the orange peels into the pot along with one cup of orange juice. Add in one cup of sugar, introducing 1/3 of the cup at a time, stirring thoroughly until melted into the mixture. Simmer on medium heat for ten minutes. Never let the pot boil. (P.S.- the aroma from the spices should have your kitchen smelling wonderful by this point!) 

5. Add in your two bottles of red wine. Let your glühwein simmer on low heat for one hour per bottle. So in this case, let the pot simmer for two hours.

That’s it! You can follow our recipe directly or substitute with your favorite type of wine or spices. Let us know in the comments below how your glühwein turned out!


*Recipe by Bierhaus NYC Assistant General Manager Kali*

German Karneval


            You may have heard of Mardi Gras in New Orleans or the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, but are you familiar with Karneval in Germany? Also known as Fasching, Fasnet, Fosnat or Fastnacht depending on the region of Germany, these words all refer to the season celebrated before the beginning of Lent. Karneval literally translates to “away with meat”.
             The Karnveal season, also known as the fifth season, begins on November 11th at the very specific time of 11:11 in the morning. The season continues until the stroke of midnight on Shroud Tuesday, commonly known as Fat Tuesday, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. The first three months of Karneval are fairly quiet before the start of the Tolle Tage (Crazy Days).
               The crazy days are held the week before Ash Wednesday and are when the biggest festivities take place. The first big event is Weiberfastnacht, which is held the Thursday before Ash Wednesday. Many people dress in costume and celebrate at pubs and in the streets. Weiberfastnacht is an especially fun holiday for the ladies. A ritual “takeover” of the town halls by the local women has become a tradition in many towns in Rhineland. Women run around cutting the men’s ties, clipping them right in half! The men wear what is left of their tie and get a Bützchen (little kiss) as compensation.

(photo source : www.noz.de)

(photo source : www.noz.de)

             Rosenmontag is the most elaborate holiday during Karneval, which is held on the Monday before Ash Wednesday. On this day, people flood to the streets for the Rosenmontag parades. The biggest and most well known parade is held in Cologne.  Candy and tulips are thrown from the over sized parade floats as spectators dressed in wacky costumes watch in enjoyment. You could be sure that everyone will be drinking Hofbräu bier until their heart’s content on Rosenmontag!
             Long ago, dating back to pagan times, Karneval was a celebration welcoming the coming of spring. Ugly masks were worn to drive out the evil spirits of winter. Today, you are still likely to find people dressed in ugly masks during Karneval. In the middle ages, dressing in costume during Karneval allowed the tightly structured class system to mix without knowing who belonged to what class. The poor would often dress as knights, damsels, and priests as a way to poke fun at them, similar to how people today dress as politicians and celebrities.

(photo source: germany,info)

(photo source: germany,info)

               Although we may not be in Germany to witness the incredible parades and celebrations, Bierhaus NYC is bringing Karneval to New York City. On Friday, February 24th, Bierhaus will people holding their own version of German Karneval. With contests, live music and entertainment it is an event that is sure not to be missed! The kiddies can enjoy some fun of their own during our Kids Karneval Brunch held on Sunday, February 26th. Be sure to check out our events page for all of our Karneval festivities and other events.

Bierhaus NYC German Karneval

Bierhaus NYC Kid's Karneval

Oktoberfest at Bierhaus NYC!

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Steuben Parade Pre Party & Parade Day Party

Playboy's Miss Carly Lauren Keg Tapping

Dudes In Dirndls Hosted By Miss Carly Lauren

Kidtoberfest - Oktoberfest Family Brunch

National Bratwurst Eating Contest

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Oktoberfest 2016 at
NYC's Oktoberfest Headquarters

Bierhaus NYC – New York City’s headquarters for Oktoberfest 2016 events and festivities.

Bierhaus NYC, a Bavarian-style restaurant and bar conveniently located three blocks from Grand Central Station, is New York City’s Oktoberfest headquarters with live music, world famous Hofbräu bier, authentic German cuisine, and fun for the whole family. Guests are encouraged to don their lederhosen and dirndls and head to Bierhaus NYC to experience Oktoberfest festivities that will continue from Sept. 17th until Oct. 31st.

Oktoberfest celebrations will kick-off at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 17thwith the 58th German-American Steuben Parade. The parade will begin at 68th Street and Fifth Avenue and will end at 86th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City. The celebrations will continue on at Bierhaus NYC with live music, a ceremonial keg tapping, and a Spanferkel, a traditional German pig roast. Jägermeister will be in attendance giving away free samples of Jägermeister and other fun giveaways!

On Friday, Sept. 30th, Bierhaus NYC will host a Celebrity Keg Tapping with Playboy’s Miss Carly Lauren.

Bierhaus NYC is heating things up this fall with Miss Carly Lauren tapping a Hofbrau Keg in honor of Oktoberfest 2016.In addition to handing out free beers from the keg tapping, Carly will be there to greet fans and take photos. Carly has been featured as Playboy’s Miss October 2013!

Playboy’s Carly Lauren returns to Bierhaus NYC on Saturday Oct. 1st to host a wacky Oktoberfest competition.

Bierhaus NYC will hold their first ever “Dudes In Dirndls” competition on October 1st at 9pm. Bierhaus is looking for men who are interested in dolling up their look in a traditional Bavarian dress, called a dirndl, for a chance to win a cash prize of $300. Playboy’s Miss Carly Lauren is set to host the pageant competition, in which men will show off their best looks on the Bierhaus NYC stage. Carly will be judging contestants based on outfit, creativity, personality, overall appearance, and audience reaction. It will be a night filled with fun, laughter and lots of beer! Any men interested in participating in the “Dudes in Dirndls” competition is asked send an email, including their name and phone number, to marketing@bierhausnyc.com.

Bierhaus NYC will hold a family fun event, Kidtoberfest, on Sunday, Oct 2nd.

Games, coloring, face painting, and live music are all scheduled for Bierhaus NYC’s Kidtoberest Celebration taking place from 1 to 3pm. Enjoy brunch with the family and make sure to bring the little ones, kids under ten eat free!

On Saturday, Oct. 29, Bierhaus NYC will host New York’s only nationally sanctioned Oktoberfest eating championship with the 5th Annual Bierhaus NYC National Oktoberfest Bratwurst Eating Championship. Some of the nation’s most recognized competitive eaters will gather at Bierhaus NYC at 4:00 p.m. to see who will have what it takes to conquer one of the most well known sausages in the world. Last year’s champion, Molly Schuyler, will be back to beat her current world record of 50 bratwursts in eight minutes. Molly has crushed her male competitors the in the past years, and continues to reign as the best of the wurst. Registration is open to all interested participants. Prizes will be awarded as follows: First Place: $750 and a trophy, Second Place: $500, Third Place: $250, Fourth Place: $100. This event will be recognized nationally and will be the biggest event in New York City during Oktoberfest. A live band and an emcee will entertain guests during the event.

Throughout Oktoberfest, live bands will play nightly Tuesday through Saturday at Bierhaus NYC.While enjoying the live music, guests are encouraged to sample traditional soft pretzels imported from Bavaria, slow roasted pork shank served with sauerkraut, and a vast selection of wurst. As for drinks, Bierhaus NYC offers five varieties of Hofbräu bier on tap including the world renowned Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier. Guests can also choose to share a 2-liter ‘boot’ filled with bier or a shotski that consists of 4 shots attached to a wooden ski. Be sure to check out Bierhaus NYC’s event calendar on their website for other fun Oktoberfest events!

Masskrug What? Masskrugstemmen!

“Masskrug” translates to one-liter stein of beer and “stemmen” translates to lift. Masskrugstemmen is a Bavarian feat of strength where contestants hold a one-liter beer stein with one arm, out in front of them and parallel to the floor, for as long as they can. This isn’t your typical drinking game.

So how exactly does this competition work? Well, there are a few rules that must be followed in order to keep your self in the game.

1. A one-liter stein of Hofbräu bier (weighting about five pounds) must be held using one arm, completely stretched out and parallel to the ground. Elbow must be locked, no bending!
2. The stein must be held by the handle.
3. Thumb cannot be on top of the handle.
4.The opposite arm must be straight down by your side, not supporting the body in any way.
5. There is no switching of hands.
6. Any spilling of beer is an automatic disqualification. 

Got it? Now you are ready to compete!

Bierhaus NYC’s Masskrugstemmen competition takes place every Thursday at 7PM until the end of August.

The male and female winner from each week will move on to Bierhaus NYC’s final competition. Bierhaus NYC’s male & female finalist will move on to the National Masskrugstemmen Competition in Central Park on September 17th, 2016. The champion of the national competition will win a trip for two to Munich, Germany. 

Don’t forget about the ladies! This is the first year that a women’s Masskrugstemmen competition will be held.
Last year’s national winner was Bierhaus NYC’s finalist. Jim Banko, representing Bierhaus, held his stein for 17 minutes and 11 seconds!

Come out to Bierhaus NYC Thursdays at 7PM to test your strength and enjoy a cold Hofbräu bier after you're finished!


photo credit : http://germanparadenyc.org/

500 Years of the Reinheitsgebot

The text of the 1516 Bavarian law is as follows:

We hereby proclaim and decree, by Authority of our Province, that henceforth in the Duchy of Bavaria, in the country as well as in the cities and marketplaces, the following rules apply to the sale of beer:

From Michaelmas to Georgi, the price for one Mass [Bavarian Liter 1,069] or one Kopf [bowl-shaped container for fluids, not quite one Mass], is not to exceed one Pfennig Munich value, and

From Georgi to Michaelmas, the Mass shall not be sold for more than two Pfennig of the same value, the Kopf not more than three Heller [Heller usually one-half Pfennig].

If this not be adhered to, the punishment stated below shall be administered.

Should any person brew, or otherwise have, other beer than March beer, it is not to be sold any higher than one Pfennig per Mass.

Furthermore, we wish to emphasize that in future in all cities, markets and in the country, the only ingredients used for the brewing of beer must be Barley, Hops and Water. Whosoever knowingly disregards or transgresses upon this ordinance, shall be punished by the Court authorities' confiscating such barrels of beer, without fail.

Should, however, an innkeeper in the country, city or markets buy two or three pails of beer (containing 60 Mass) and sell it again to the common peasantry, he alone shall be permitted to charge one Heller more for the Mass of the Kopf, than mentioned above. Furthermore, should there arise a scarcity and subsequent price increase of the barley (also considering that the times of harvest differ, due to location), WE, the Bavarian Duchy, shall have the right to order curtailments for the good of all concerned.

500 years ago, the Reinheitsgebot aka The Germany Purity Law, was put into place. According to the 1516 Bavarian law, the only ingredients that could be used in the production of beer were barley, hops, and water. 

Besides the main purpose of brewing only the best quality of beer, another purpose of The German Purity Law was to ensure that bakers would be able to buy rye and wheat for an affordable price. By restricting brewers to barley, it eliminated the competition between bakers and brewers for wheat and rye. This allowed baker's to sell their bread at an affordable price. 

The law also set the price of beer, limited the profits made by innkeepers, and made confiscation the penalty for making impure beer. The Reinheitsgebot is the oldest food regulation in the world. 

On Saturday April, 23rd we celebrate the 500 year anniversary of the Reinheitsgebot. To honor 500 years, Bierhaus NYC will be serving half liters for 500 pennies until 8pm. At 8pm we will be tapping a celebratory keg! 




What's that song? Ein Prosit!

If you've ever been to Bierhaus NYC, you've probably witnessed one of our bands singing a German song as everyone cheerfully raised their steins in the air and sang along. Maybe you picked up on some of the words and tried to join in as well.. but what were you actually singing?

Ein Prosit is the number one song you are guaranteed to hear throughout your trip to Oktoberfest. Every twenty minutes or so, En Prosit is sung throughout the beer tents during Oktoberfest in München, Germany. Luckily, at Bierhaus NYC, we bring Oktoberfest to you. You can join in and sing with us as we proudly hold our steins of Hofbräu bier in the air. Brush up on the lyrics below and impress your friends with your perfect pronunciation the next time you come by for some biers and live music. (Join us for live music Tuesday-Saturday evenings)


Ein Prosit, ein Prosit                                          
Der Gemütlichkeit                                             
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit                                         
Der Gemütlichkeit                                             

Phonetically English:
Ayn Prawseet, Ayn Prawseet
Dare Gae-meet-lich-kite
Ayn Prawseet, Ayn Prawseet
Dare Gae-meet-lich-kite

English Lyrics to Ein Prosit
"A Toast"
A toast, a toast
To cheer and good times
A toast, a toast
To cheer and good times.

Although Gemütlichkeit does not directly translate into English, the best translation is “coziness”or “good cheer”.  Gemütlichkeit is really all about friendliness, belonging and peace of mind, which is exactly what we like to promote here at Bierhaus NYC! 

Sing along with the video below, Prost!